Top Dogs of Instagram

It seems everyone is on some sort of social media nowadays; from Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to Pinterest and Tumblr, most poeple have at least one, if not all.
On Instagram especially, there are accounts for everything. By surfing hashtags, a person can find themselves from looking at stunning National Geographic photos of manatees to crudely made, albeit funny, memes on all subjects.
So, it’s no surprise that there are accounts for man’s best friend, and there are a lot of them. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites here.

Mutts of Instagram

Followers: 11k
Bio: Mutts are Rescued, Unique & Thankful Friends.
They All Have a Story to Tell.

This account features an array of shelter mutts, highlighting their individual stories and promoting shelter dogs as being just as lovable as any other dog.

Candice and Champ

Followers: 22k
Bio: SoCal, 21 years old, photographing the true happiness of my 11 yr old golden retriever Champ! #thingsonstrings

This account is probably one of my absolute favorites; Champ is a beautiful dog with a patient photographer owner, and together they make stunning photos. Champ has amazing discipline; allowing his owner to balance things (like live butterflies!) on his nose without him moving in time for a snapshot. She is amazing with making props, and he is a great model with them!


Winston the Boston

Followers: 5363
Bio: I’m a Boston with a heart for social media

Winston is a cute Boston terrier puppy with a face for the camera! With adorable photos of him paired with funny captions, this account will definitely make you go “aw”!


The Dog Benny

Followers: 1033
Bio: Hi I’m a collie! I’m 4 years old and a boy ^^
My real name is banjamin but my dog couples call me benny 🙂

Benny the collie is a beautiful, happy-go-lucky collie who is definitely photogenic!


Cooper The Frenchie

Followers: 101k
Bio: I LOVE FRIENDS! Don’t let my markings fool you. I’m 100% FRENCHIE! 🙂

Cooper is an adorable French bull dog with a humorous account of videos, dress-up pictures, and a whole lot of cute!


Rescue Dogs of Instagram

Followers: 3366
Bio: Don’t Shop – Adopt!
Rescued is my favorite breed
Want your dog featured? Follow me & use #rescuenation to tell your story!

This is a great account supporting dog adoption instead of buying from puppy mills. Featured are wonderful success stories about rescue dogs and the compromising situations they came from.


Hope is for the Hopeless

Followers: 253
Bio: My name is Hope. I’m a 1yr old Red Boston Terrier living in Vancouver, Canada. I have Corneal Endothelial and I’m a little bit deaf, but I don’t care!

Hope is a beautiful Boston, and, despite her disabilities, manages to be a happy pup, providing followers with cute photos of her on her doggie adventures!

Our own Watson the mutt has an Instagram!

Watson the Mutt

On this account are pictures of our mutt Watson, as he meets new friends from the dog park, causes chaos at home, and poses for the cutest pictures.

Famous Pups: In the Movies

As long as movies have been around, there has always been four-legged stars who captivated audiences with their bravery, loyalty, and downright cuteness. From Charlie Chaplin’s A Dog’s Life with Scraps the mutt, to The Wizard of Oz with Toto the Cairn terrier. After all, how good could a movie possibly be without a dog or two?

Turner & Hooch – Hooch

Turner [Tom Hanks], a neat, all-business detective, must tackle the toughest case of his career: survive with the slobbery, problem-prone Hooch, after he becomes crucial in Turner’s current investigation! Beasley the Dog, a Dogue de Bordeaux, stars as Hooch. Beasley was trained by Clint Rowe, who is in the movie for a few moments as an ASPCA officer. Beasely died, aged 14 years, in 1992, 3 years after the release of Turner & Hooch.

The Wizard of Oz – Toto

Toto is the sidekick and friend of Dorothy [Judy Garland], a Kansas farm girl who always gets herself in trouble with her aunt and farmhands. When she gets knocked out in a tornado,she is transported to Oz; where she meets the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, and the Cowardly Lion, with Toto right by her side, as they travel down the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City. Toto was a female brindle Cairn terrier, her real name was Terry, changed officially to Toto as the movie’s popularity [and Terry’s] skyrocketed. While on the set, her foot was broken from being accidentally stepped on, and a replacement was found and used until she healed. She died in 1945 and a memorial for her was erected at the Hollywood Forever Cemetary in Los Angeles, California.

Old Yeller – Old Yeller

Old Yeller becomes the unlikely friend of Arliss [Kevin Cororan] after Travis [Tommy Kirk], Arliss’s older brother, is unsuccessful in driving him away. Throughout a series of mishaps, which always lead to Old Yeller being the savior, making the ending sad and heartwarming at the same time. Old Yeller was a Black Mouth Cur in the books, but Spike, the actor Old Yeller, was found at Van Nuys Animal Shelter in Van Nuys, California, and his origin is unknown. He was buried in a beautiful ceremony in the sea when he died.

A Dog’s Life – Scraps

In this silent film made by Charlie Chaplin, Scraps the mutt helps Charlie and Edna, the bar singer, have a better life. Charlie saves Scraps from a pack of mean dogs and then, despite the hardships of starvation and poverty, struggles to keep the poor dog alive and well. Scraps fully repays him with the heroic and loyal nature common with dogs. Scraps was a mixed breed dog named Mut who was adopted from a shelter in Los Angeles.