How To Pet Proof Your Home

Before you take home a new (hopefully rescued) puppy or kitten, you have to prepare your house for the little bundle of joy; making sure to keep hazards away from your pet and prevent accidents.

Living Room/Entry Room

* Put away games and toys when not in use
* Keep dangling wires up and out of reach
* Put knick-knacks and plants out of reach
* Vacuum to clear away any stray strings, dust, or other small things that could provide a hazard
* Keep outside doors closed so pets don’t escape
* Put shoes in closets when not in use to avoid chewing


* Store chemicals on high shelves or in closets to avoid spills
* Possibly child-lock cabinets
* Keep trash bins and toilet lids closed
* Keep foods out of reach


* Keep clothes in closets and drawers (to avoid damage and swallowing of cloth/string)
* Keep lotions/makeup items out of reach
* Keep wires out of reach
* Get a pet bed if you don’t want your new friend in your bed


* If you let your pet outside, be sure to have a fenced-in yard or some other way to keep your pet from getting lost/wandering
* Clean any antifreeze/oil spills as soon as they happen
* Keep tools out of reach
* Microchip your new pet so if they get lost they can be safely returned

Source: American Humane Association

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