Spay & Neuter: Why It Helps

Many dog and cat owners feel that spaying or neutering their pet is unnecessary; according to some studies, some pet owners believe that neutering a male cat/dog “removes his masculinity” and can be “demeaning” to the dog or cat’s sense of being a male. In all honesty, this is purely an excuse for not getting the procedure done. Male cats and dogs, once neutered, do not feel or exhibit themselves as being anything less than “manly”. Neutering your pet has many benefits, both for him and for you.
When a dog/cat has been neutered, it reduces destructive behavior due to the angst of wanting a mate. The scratching, chewing, marking of territory (urinating where they shouldn’t) or overall destruction of furniture, shoes, walls, etcetera can be reduced or even eliminated just from the procedure. Your pet will be more content, have no chance of testicular tumors,will be less likely to have prostate gland problems, will reduce the urge to roam and get lost, as well as reduce urges to fight. All of these prevent injuries and make for a happier, longer pet life.

Spaying your female dog/cat has benefits as well; if you have more than one cat (being of opposite sexes), or if you allow your cat/dog to roam (not recommended, ever), there will never be the fear of coming home to a pregnant cat/dog. This lowers the level of unwanted kittens/puppies put into shelters, being euthanized, or left on the streets. There are also uncertain complications that can arise in your pet’s health from the prospect of pregnancy and delivery; just like a human birth, not everything can be 100% certain. Spaying your female pet also eliminates the heat cycle: that uncomfortable time when your cat or dog tries to find a mate. Female dogs that aren’t spayed can menstruate just like humans, which can cause a mess in your home (cats do not menstruate; if your cat is bleeding, contact emergency veterinary help right away).

Just like with male pets, spaying your female pet reduces the urge to roam, reduces the chance of reproductive diseases, and provides a happier temperament, making your pet (male or female)  lead a healthier, happier life, and not having to deal with the symptoms of not being fixed makes you happier, too.

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